GaiaForce Plant Based Pea Protein Powder

Sourced from the finest organic peas in the UK, this pea powder packs an 80% protein content. It will give you all the nutrients and minerals your body needs, without giving you a full, bloated feeling.

With no added sugar or preservatives, it is the perfect supplement if you have diary, gluten and wheat allergies.

Unlike many plant based proteins products, this powder is made from pea which contains leucine, an essential nutrient that builds and repairs muscle tissue. The pea protein powder is also infused with B12, a vitamin that is found in animal products, which many vegans are deficient in.


  • Protein – to increase muscle mass and maintain your bones.
  • B12 – to support your nerve system and your blood cells.
  • Amino Acids – to build and repair muscle tissue as well as promote blood flow.
  • Vitamin K – to support blood clotting and maintain your bones.
  • Magnesium – to maintain your teeth and support protein synthesis.

When to Use

We recommend using protein powder within 30 minutes of a workout or exercise, to ensure that your body absorbs all of the vitamins and minerals in the powder before your muscles become fatigued. Protein powder can also be consumed when you have any hunger cravings, at any time or day.

Who Is It For

GaiaForce Plant Based Pea Protein Powder can be consumed not only by vegetarians and vegans but also anyone looking for an alternative to diary and whey proteins.


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